Meet Tim, a cute small puppy that enjoys riding on the back of his giant brother Ben

Ben Despite their size disparity, Tim the rescued chihuahua and hairy huge guy Ben are great buddies.

A sweet chihuahua adores his companion, and he is unconcerned when tiny Tim wishes to ride him, use him as a pillow, or high chair once again. That is what true friendship is!

Jenny Leech volunteers at an animal shelter and often accepts aged and ailing pets for temporary homes.
Her very first ward was Tim, a Chihuahua.

Surprisingly, the canine got well with the family’s beloved dog from the start — 10-year-old Ben, a mestizo Labrador and Pyrenean mix.

The pair became inseparable very quickly, and it was difficult to look at them without feeling something!

Tim cherished his furry companion and used him as a personal sofa, pillow, recliner, and even a mode of transportation.

The proprietors were astounded by how calmly Ben, the huge guy, suffered all of this.

When the owners witnessed Tim riding Ben like a horse for the second time, they couldn’t help themselves — they looked at each other and agreed that the endearing chihuahua was now a member of their family.

They have a one-of-a-kind friendship, » the owner explains.

« Because Ben is so large and fluffy, Tim feels safe and secure with him. Additionally, they are an excellent team. For instance, it’s amusing to see Tim climb Ben in order to take food off the table. »

Although their personalities are diametrically opposed, they remain friends.

Tim is a very emotional person who is always vying for attention.

Ben is a really peaceful and loving creature. Tim finds the serenity he seeks in his companionship.

This is real friendship at its finest!

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