Before he dies, a homeless man asks a shelter to give his dog a new home

Everyone knows what it’s like to be homeless, and many individuals feel helpless in the face of their situation.

There are millions of people throughout the world who have no place to call home, and many of them have loyal pets.

Thus, a Brownsville, Texas, man became a media phenomenon after years of street patrol with his dog Chulo.

The Good Neighbors Settlement House had an apartment available for him.. The guy pleaded for aid since the facility where he was headed did not accept dogs.

Because Chulo never left his side, his owner was afraid the dog would be abandoned on the street and have to fend for himself.

In the shelter’s manager’s words, they observed an example of a true spiritual connection between a dog and a homeless man, who spent the night together and kept each other warm in the freezing weather.

As a way to persuade authorities that Chulo had a right to reside with his master, the rooming house employees shared this heartwarming tale on Facebook. There is nothing that might harm Chulo’s well-being thanks to their efforts.

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