The absence of a neck or buttocks is a significant handicap to any dog’s existence

Only a small percentage of dogs throughout the world suffer from short spine disease. Cooper, a two-year-old, has it all.

Cooper seems more like a cartoon or caricature than a genuine dog since he has no neck and a huge head.

Cooper was born on a « puppy farm » outside of Halifax, Virginia.

Because the dog’s head is fixed, it can only look forward as a consequence.

When it comes to staying on a straight course, Cooper is a normal dog.

Cooper’s grin is one of his most appealing features.

Ellie and Andy Keegan may have chosen him as a result of this when they arrived to pick up the dog.

According to Ellie Keegan, Cooper is a happy dog, despite his owner’s claims that he has bone issues.

Few people expected Cooper to live when he arrived at the shelter.

A dog infected with parasites would be unable to stand.

By some miracle, the crew was able to release him in the end.

« His health troubles resurfaced as soon as he joined our family.

Five fractures in his neck and spine were caused by the fall. Two months ago, he started behaving in a different way.

The bone illness osteomyelitis had taken hold of him. In terms of size, his spine dwarfs the rest. We’re fortunate to be able to handle it for the time being thanks to medication. »

After having spinal surgery, Cooper was able to stand and walk for the first time in his life.

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