In the early hours of the morning, a chorus of moose pleaded for hugs and kisses

Although farm animals are typically stereotyped as unintelligent, this isn’t always the case.

Meet this adorable cow, who is patiently awaiting the farmer’s window.

She was saved by a man, and she thanks him profusely every day.

This cow was born with a genetic defect that made it impossible for her to milk.

As a newborn she was adopted by Ryan Phillips, the creator of a farm animal sanctuary, at the age of three days old.

Ryan rushed to save the calf after receiving a report from a close friend.

Calf Jenna was treated like a child by the calf’s father. There is a strong bond between the human and their pet.

Months later, they’re still together. Until her savior arrives in the morning and at night, a cow will not eat or sleep.

Affection like this is highly sought for.

According to Ryan, « Jenna views me as her closest buddy, if not her best friend, » When she was a child, I was her mom.

When I was feeding her from a bottle, she would jab me in the stomach to acquire more milk.

Every night at the stable, I checked in with her to make sure she was in good health and spirits.

She put a grin on my face and a laugh in my heart.

It’s no surprise that they’ve stayed in touch.

Every morning, the cow moos at the farmer’s window, pleading for a cuddle and attention.

Their relationship is really close. After that, they kiss goodbye and go to sleep.

« We’ve known one other for a long time, » Ryan says, « and Jenna is a part of our family. »

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