A mother and father kittens were located in the stream behind the house where they were born and were rescued by the volunteers

Unbeknownst to the neighbors, a colony of cats was giving birth on top of their conservatory, just outside the window where they had heard a disturbance.

The RSPCA said that « we recognized we had to get there soon » as a huge storm with heavy winds and rain approached.

An animal charity took in the cats and kittens named after the storm that hit their home after it named them after the conditions.

As a result of the cat’s outdated microchip, the RSPCA was unable to track down its owner.

Humane Inspector Adam Bailey and searchers from Bucklands End Lane were sent on Tuesday.

Because of impending weather, Mr. Bailey underlined the need of rescuing the kittens immediately.

I was able to lift the mother cat and her kittens to the roof with the aid of a safety pole I had prepared with me.

The Newbrook Farm Animal Center is providing Tempest, a three-year-old pig, and her new home with « whatever care and attention » they need.

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