The pit bull was all set for adoption, but she was hesitant to part with her closest friend despite the fact that she knew it was the right decision

Two pit bulls, Tako, who is eight years old, and Meryl, who is three years old, struck up a bond while visiting a shelter.

Owners led them both to the location…

From the first time they laid eyes on one another, our heroes knew they had found one another.

Their weeping and moaning won’t let them be separated for more than a few minutes.

In order to keep them together, they live in the same area and sleep together every night in the same place.

A few months ago, a man entered the shelter.

He was looking for a partner, and when he saw Meryl’s beauty, he immediately fell in love. He was ready to greet her after completing all of the paperwork.

As they were being escorted out the cage, Tako and Meryl both started to whimper.

They looked at each other with sad eyes. Meryl was unwavering in her refusal to compromise.

In the face of such a strong emotional response, the guy chose to either adopt two dogs at once or not adopt at all.

Fortunately, he chose the first option he was presented with. Meryl and Tako shared a house and a same owner.

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