The baby’s screams helped reunite the family and their long-lost pet

Luna escaped from the yard and is currently lost in the forest. Saturday afternoon, the family’s dog went missing, and they spent the weekend looking for him.

A expert was called in to aid the family, and he did all he could to assist them.

They put up a trap in which they laid their clothes in the hopes of drawing the dog out with the scent of their clothes. They were successful. All of this, however, was ultimately in vain.

Fortunately, the camera managed to get a glimpse of the dog in the distance.

Soon after, the dog’s owner’s son-in-law and niece came to take care of the animal. After being called by name, the shepherd bolted in fright.

Not only did the dog not respond to her call, but neither did her canine buddies from a neighboring yard succeed in coaxing her out of hiding when she called.

The weekend came and went, and the six-month-old newborn waited in the vehicle while the rest of the family went on a stroll around the neighborhood.

When the baby began to fuss just as they were ready to leave, the aunt lifted him to a higher position. The baby then let out a cry.

At the very same time, a miracle took place. A timid step out of her hiding area, as if she wanted to know who was troubling her tiny friend, was taken by the dog.

She was caught and escorted back to her residence on a leash.

As soon as the family rejoined, the dog returned to her former playful puppy nature, preferring to be stroked behind the ears rather than wandering about on her own on the street.

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