In the middle of an airport terminal, a dog gives birth to eight puppies, creating havoc

An airport’s rescue team sent paramedics to assist in an emergency labor crisis. With so many puppies being delivered, paramedics had their job cut out for them.

The fact that they didn’t have time to be surprised by it meant they didn’t notice it.

A young female service dog was the star of the show during the whole occasion.

Due to prior calculations, the owner had expected that the babies would want to be born before boarding, but they insisted on being delivered shortly before boarding, which the owner now considers a promising sign.

The rescue group’s veterinarians immediately got to work comforting the expectant dog, which only took a few minutes. During this time, the father dog never left his new mother alone.

The male dog and the female dog work together to help their owner, who is confined to a wheelchair, get about.

She had no idea the airport’s commotion would make her so worried about her cat going into labor, despite the fact that she was aware of the animal’s pregnancy.

In other cases, passengers even departed their planes before airport security could clear up the debris to snap photos with their children.

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