After being saved off the euthanasia list, a dog with partial brain damage has become « the happiest dog in the world

In the summer of 2016, this adorable and constantly smiling puppy was born.

He was taken care of by Jennifer Osborne a few months later.

He was born with a crooked jaw, a malformed cranium and missing parts of his brain.

Jennifer claims that she just became aware of a problem with her pet’s health at the age of six months.

Aside from his somewhat out-of-the-ordinary look, he was a regular puppy before the incident.

Mrs. Osborne received a discouraging prognosis after bringing Moose to the vets for an examination.

The adorable dog has a crooked nose, an overbite, and a missing portion of his brain, all of which make everyday living tough for him.

Moose’s therapy costs Jennifer at least $2,000 every month.

Considering that a dog cannot be cured, the actions adopted are meant to ease the animal’s symptoms, which include discomfort and convulsions.

It is during these moments, which may last up to 30 minutes, that Jennifer is forced to deal with the most terrible episodes of her life.

Moose is a loyal companion to Jennifer and her other dogs, despite the struggles he has endured in his life.

Thank you very much for having him as my pet. He is the happiest I have ever seen. » As a side note, Moose is acting as though he’s in excellent health.

He enjoys playing with his toys and does not want to share them with his brothers, who he sees as a nuisance.

To him, it seems as though they are all on his side. The lady exclaims, « He knows he’s a special child! »

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