A cancer-fighting dog had to undergo 17 rounds of chemotherapy and radiation before he could be adopted

A volunteer group spotted this three-year-old stray dog walking the streets and took him in.

Ticks continue to bother the dog, despite his best attempts to keep them at bay.

A malignant tumor was found on all four of his legs when he was taken to the vet.

During a test, it was discovered that the dog’s white blood cells were abnormal.

When the immune system is compromised, it is possible for a broad variety of infections to infiltrate the body and cause sickness.

Following the completion of the first round of treatment for the patient’s illness, weekly chemotherapy was began.

The dog was placed in a foster home while the owner was undergoing rehabilitation.

The dog was unaffected by any of the operations. He’s aware of their good intentions, at the very least.

It took four months before doctors were able to proclaim him well enough to go back to work.

As soon as everyone in treatment felt the patient had made a full recovery, there was a celebration thrown for him or her.

A liver cake was baked and decorated with candles and party hats were worn by the group.

The dog’s hunt for a new home was aided by volunteers who contacted them. Many people expressed an interest in taking the dog in after a week of public notice was put out by the shelter.

Following his adoption by a kind family, the dog is now free to enjoy his newfound independence.

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