When a rescued dog comes upon a street kitten, he chooses to take it in as his own

It was little over two months ago when Bailey the dog moved in with his new family.

A stray cat was spotted living in the ravine behind the home by Bailey and her owner Arthur while exploring the region.

In the meanwhile, a dog was already attempting to befriend the people who opted to aid the animal.

« Bailey would often check on her in the backyard, » adds Arthur. Nobody in the household was sure what the dog was up to at first.

In the company of her new acquaintance, Bailey took a seat on the porch.

The owners add that Bailey has never had a friendship with a wild animal before.

« It demonstrates how much she cares. »

The hesitant kitten was soon befriended by other members of the household.

They followed Bailey’s lead and started caring for her, and now the baby is living with them.

Bailey’s new companion, Kitten-kitten, follows her around like a dog. As Arthur puts it, « It’s fair to say that she is now a member of the family. »

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