Upon learning that the dog was ailing, the cat quickly set about providing care for the sick animal

Cats have never been a favorite pet of Eliza Collins’s; she rather prefers dogs. Despite this, it was the purr that broke into her home the first!

Invading the home, the white and black cat proved to be friendly and loving to everybody who encountered him.

What we didn’t expect was his deep affection for dogs. It was for this reason that the cat was delighted when a shepherd puppy called Baron arrived in the home!

They immediately hit it off when they first met.

Baron licked the puppy’s muzzle while it was lying on the couch or rug as Alvin and Baron cuddled and played together.

As the dog matured, he seemed to be a healthy and happy companion.

On the other hand, he started to experience some unusual symptoms.

He would fall to the ground with spasms from time to time.

When the dog had a seizure, it was unpleasant and frightening to stare at it.

To be sure, the veterinarian recommended medication for Baron.

There was a noticeable decrease in activity, as well as a lack of interest in what was going on.

Alvin, on the other hand, had the distinct impression that something was amiss with his canine companion.

In an attempt to reassure him, the man approached him and stroked his paw while he did so.

Then, as was his habit, he started to lick his muzzle. The cat wanted to express that he cared about his buddy and sympathized with how difficult his situation had become.

Alvin’s health improved dramatically once he started to rally behind Baron’s cause!

I know that he needs to take medicine for this, but he has stopped laying on the floor and doing nothing while waiting for help. This canine is in fantastic shape now that the horrific assaults have ceased.

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