She discovered her pleasure in an adorable small kitten’s face when it began to rain severely outside

In the aftermath of severe rain, a one-day-old cat was seen creeping down a route by itself, completely submerged in the water.

He was taken in by a kind-hearted lady who replaced the mother he had been without.

In honor of Bruce Wayne, she called her cat Bruce.

Kathryn Van Beek came saw something barely moving on the road on her way home one day after a rainstorm.

She first assumed it was a mouse, but when she got closer, she saw it was a newborn cat with its umbilical chord still attached.

After finding him, Kathryn recalled, « he didn’t scream, he simply gently crept about, as if searching for his mother. » She took him in and fed him; he was starving.

After 12 days, Bruce had gained more than 100 grams!

As a result of the kitten’s care, Katherine gave up much of her time. He needed to be fed at night, so she had to get up in the middle of the night.

An alarm clock was unnecessary for the young lady; the sound of a ravenous Bruce was enough to wake her up.

In the beginning, Katherine took the baby to work with her.

In spite of her family’s lack of interest in a second cat, Katherine decided to keep the kitten.

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