The cute spherical cut of the toy poodle is reminiscent of that of a little sheep

Goma, a poodle with an unusual haircut, became an online phenomenon in a matter of days after he first appeared on the internet.The book was written by Yoriko Hamachiyo, a Japanese dog groomer and owner who grew up with dogs.

The master’s efforts had resulted in the dog transforming into a fluffy ball with delicate legs as a result of his efforts.

Following the publication of the dog’s images on Instagram, individuals began comparing the dog to a sheep and a cloud.

Even though it’s not apparent what the groomer’s ingenious plan was, the images and videos of the smiling canine brought a smile to everyone’s face.

Yoriko noted that she chose this poodle hairdo for more reasons than only its appearance.

Her cat got significant sores on his skin as a result of his unhealthy habit of biting on the wool on his paws.

The groomer made the dog’s coat puffy to make it tough for Goma to help him.

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