It’s against the regulations for shivering pets to be allowed on the bus during a rainstorm

No matter how fascinating a rainfall seems to others, no one wants to experience it firsthand.

Running to a nearby business or café gives individuals an option to stay inside and avoid the rain.

It’s not always that straightforward for animals, particularly the homeless, to get what they need.

Almost anything on the street will do, whether it’s a tree or a building. As for restaurants and shops, the only place they’ll be allowed in is the bathroom.

During a storm, some kindhearted people may opt to help the scared animals gathered on the street.

Just like this bus driver in Argentina, who was travelling along his normal route and saw several stray dogs on the side of the road and decided to help them.

Bringing dogs on public transit is illegal in this city.

After unlocking the bus door, he brought the stray dogs inside.

The dogs were overjoyed to be inside the bus, where they took their places close to the driver and further down the vehicle.

They were protected from the elements.

Passengers started to notice and photograph little dogs.

Because to the viral video, the kind and compassionate bus driver has become a household name throughout the country.

Despite the fact that the driver had broken the regulations, his supervisor was overjoyed.

You can’t help but be moved by the sorrowful expressions of animals forced to wait in the rain when you see them.

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