In order to put their relationship to the test, a guy takes his new girlfriend’s dog over to her home

Dasher, the dog, was adopted from a shelter by the family.

The puppy was first silent, but soon warmed up to them.

Dasher, on the other hand, is a genuine tomboy who refuses to sit still for more than a few seconds.

As far as his owners are concerned, the restless feline is known for his voracious appetite.

Lingerie suspended from the ceiling? What’s next? » Sure, why not? Where can I get a leather couch? What’s to stop us? In his demeanor, he resembles a child on a high.

Even if we set a glass of water down, he’ll knock it over, » the dog’s owners lament.

As soon as the guy began dating her, he decided to introduce him to the woman’s pet, Charlie.

One dog was much older than the other one. Even still, the couple had reservations about their compatibility, but hoped for the best.

At Charlie’s residence, the pets had their first encounter. It was agreed that the dogs would benefit from some fresh air, so their owner, Tiffany, took them on a stroll.

There was a tiny garden in the back yard of the lady.

She erected a fountain and many stunning sculptures, and then covered the area surrounding them with artificial grass.

Tiffany never imagined that Dasher would be able to damage any of her possessions, even her beds and plants.

Her knowledge of him at the time was rather limited.

He dug huge trenches in the dirt and tore up his own bedding in an attempt to impress a new friend, but he didn’t stop there.

However, he was not satisfied with this.

He also chewed through the flexible tubing that provided fountain water, resulting in a broken fountain.

Tiffany was shocked when she saw what her garden had turned into.

But when she saw Dasher’s innocent expression and realized he didn’t seem to be feeling bad at all, she started to giggle.

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