A shelter dog reacts positively when he discovers the family he thought he’d lost forever

This young child was bouncing off the walls and waving his tail nonstop!

A cow confined to a fence outside the Louisiana SPCA was discovered by a new employee on her first day.

She discovered the cow in January. Initially, the poor puppy was terrified and unsure of what was going on.

He was ultimately taken in.

Over time, Cow became used to his new surroundings at the shelter. After two months at the institution, the staff was looking for him a new home when they found something better: his original family.

Cow had a family seeking for him last year around this time, and the shelter found out.

The employees at the shelter were pleased to learn that he had been discovered and returned to them after his kidnapping.

The first time Cow saw his mother, he cried. He had grown to trust and admire everyone at the shelter. No one had ever seen him so happy.

« Cow was ecstatic to see his family, » Lewis said. « He was bouncing off the walls and waggling his tail in a new manner. His reconnection with his mother made him seem to have come home! »

Cow sprang into his mother’s arms and became a writhing bundle of love and hugs. Nobody doubted Cow’s return to his family, and everyone was pleased they had been able to help.

Cow had been away from his family for months, yet seeing them again seemed like a long time had passed. He’s happy to be back with them and has adjusted well.

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