He’s the cutest « best dog » at the wedding, but he prefers to swim

Everyone in the room broke into laughter.

After months of diligent preparation, it was still Jax’s parents’ most important day.

On the other hand, there’s a pond.

Jax the dog was definitely playing the role of « best pooch » when wedding photographer Alex Simon released some amusing video from a recent nuptial.

Contrastingly, it seems that the canine lover of water has different ideas on how to keep things in order.

While on a photo session with the other men, Jax located the perfect swimming place. And, well, he couldn’t say no to the chance.

Despite Jax’s unexpected dive in the pool, the wedding ceremony looked to go off without a hitch.

Except for the « hitch » that everyone came there to see.

Photographer Alex Simon believes that the couple’s wedding day was made even more special because of Jax’s little time spent playing in the pond during their photo shoot.

This made us all giggle, Simon told The Dodo. « All he had to do was find his opportunity and grasp it! »

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