Charming lion cubs and their mom by going across the street began to play and battle with one another obstructing the traffic

Traffic blocks are so bothersome and irritating, particularly when you are in a rush to your work or back home. Yet, there are a few situations when obstacles can be wonderful like it is in this case. South Africa is only the specific spot, where you can be an observer of such a lovely view.

This fabulous scene occurred at the Kruger National Park. It was around 6:00 am, the point at which a couple, Anton and Michelle, needed to stop their vehicle due to the traffic block. Unexpectedly, they saw a mind boggling scene:a family halted in the street.

Clearly they emerged from the shrubberies to go across the street, however, perhaps the little cubs didn’t have the disposition to walk, and altering their perspective, they chose to take as much time as necessary to rest there.

They simply were woken up and needed to get some energy by playing and battling one another. The couple got surprised seeing the cubs. They have never been so near any wild creature previously.

While holding up in their vehicle until the lion family completed their play, the couple took some photographs and posted them on the online media pages, which won many users’ love. Anton and Michele will always remember this astonishing case.

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