A moving one of a kind bond between a little pigeon and a rabbit that feel comfortable with one another.

The baffling and delightful nature never stops to surprise with regards to the remarkable bond between two species. This case again showed that adoration and love have no limits.

Two creatures, meeting every so often, found solace in one another at one of the shelters in Ireland. Their story is a proof of an explanation that it’s simpler to face challenges together.

The little rabbit was just 4-5-days-old when he showed up at the shelter. After seven days the little pigeon showed up.It was found by a woman. In the nest, there was a recently incubated pigeon that fell down.

Luckily, the pigeon wasn’t harmed after the fall. Helpless creatures, both were too weak, so the staff needed to place them in an incubator. Sadly, the shelter had just a single incubator, so they chose to put them in one incubator, isolating them with a little divider.

After a while the wonderful infants nestled one another. Figuring out how to destroy the small divider that isolated them, they started to embrace one another. From that second on, they became very close. Bunny and pigeon became indistinguishable friends that found comfort in one another.

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