Woman puzzled by her not-lost cat on Lost Pets website

Ron Weasley was hauled in from the street.

But this cat disliked everyone: he snarled at the cage neighbors and sneered at the individuals who came to the shelter to adopt a cat.

But he was only waiting.

Finally, the volunteers gave up and called Brenda Schmidt, who has successfully domesticated several wild cats.

“Foster mom” was intended to be Ron, but she became his permanent owner.

At home, Ron is a kind, friendly cat that is always ready for a cuddle.

A lust for adventure is his sole fault.

Ron was as unfriendly at Brenda’s as he was at the shelter.

But one day, a buddy wrote. She provided a screenshot of Ron looking at the owner from a missing pet group.

The girl laughed out loud at her cat’s displeasure with the picture session.

The cat had actually formed a second family in an adjacent home on his outings.

While at home he was provided nutritional food, at the neighbors he could always simulate a poor starving cat and eat to fullness.

It turned out that the neighbor’s children regularly left the door open, and Ron came to them as if to his house.

In the end, they determined that this adorable and well-groomed cat was missing, and decided to publish an ad.

Brenda truly laughed at this tale. She was quite thrilled for her misanthropic cat.

Because just lately, he acted so disgustingly that he was really booted out of the shelter.

But now he even has two loving families.

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