To aid the blind Golden Retriever and have fun, he has his own guide dog

The blinded Tao initially surfaced in news reports throughout the globe at the beginning of this year.

There were tens of thousands of individuals worldwide who cared about what happened to the golden retriever’s owner’s blind dog.

Mel, Tao’s owner, observed that her cat was scratching his eyes in February 2019.

He was clearly in excruciating discomfort.

It was determined that Tao had glaucoma when he was brought to the vet, who diagnosed the condition.

Unfortunately, the process had already begun, and there was no choice except to remove the eyeball from the patient.

It was only after 11 months that glaucoma had « taken » the second eye. Tao, too, had a breakdown.

Tao was well-cared-for by Mel, who never left him alone.

However, she quickly had a brilliant idea — to locate Tao a guiding companion. In the end, it proved out to be a cute and friendly baby Oko of the same breed.

The pair hasn’t been apart since that day. Oko favored the more senior buddy.

He was always there for Tao, whether they were at home or out on a stroll.

Tao has almost 13,000 Instagram followers. Everyone is captivated by Oko and Tao’s daily routine.

Life-affirming and enchanting posts appear daily.

All animal-lovers may now rely on Mel’s guidance and advice on how to recognize the early signs of the illness.

In addition, she discusses the psychological rehabilitation of animals that have been blinded and are unable to see.

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