It is the nicest thing ever to get a tattoo in honor of a loving pet dog

For the previous six years, Anna Halcin has confided in her dog Sebastian.

Together, they overcame huge obstacles. This was possible because they had each other.

Nothing else would have done the trick.

Sebastian even came up with a wonderful way to show how much he cared for the owner.

Whenever he felt like it, he would approach the woman and gently hold her hand.

They had a bond that could not be severed.

Sebastian passed away in October after a long fight against cancer.

Anna was grieved by the loss of her pet, but she was able to find a way to keep him close to her heart forever.

It is important to me to have a long-term companion who is always there for me.

Halcin praises the tattoo’s aesthetic appeal, calling it « wonderful. »

This man seemed to be grabbing onto my hand all the time. And it’s the only reason I’m still here. »

Despite Sebastian’s death, he lives on in the owner’s heart and hands.

The dog tattoo provides her with a sense of calm and happiness even in the most difficult of situations.

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