How a hungry stray cat found its way to the zoo and became friends with a lynx.

Once In St. Petersburg a cat wandered into the city trying to find food.That day, she was quite fortunate. She had discovered food, and a close companion. Not only did the cat find some stubs in the trash, but he also managed to find some food scraps.

The cat was fortunate to come across large pieces of beef carcass. All of this deliciousness was discovered at the zoo, in the cage of another animal – the lynx.

It seemed that if the meat’s owner noticed how an unexpected guest was eating her food, she appeared to tear it to shreds.

However, something interesting happened: the lynx didn’t attack her.Either she sensed connection with the stray cat or she realized she was starving because no one brought her food.

The cat now visits her friend on a regular basis. They eat together every time. Moreover, because the cage is warmer than the outside, the cat is warming up by sitting close to the lynx. The stray cat rewards her by licking her fur.

The zoo personnel had also observed the cat. They doubled her daily ration so that she would not go hungry, so that the legitimate owner of the meat would not be hungry either.

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