The neighborhood cougar enjoys the dog toys put out by their owners

Brian Chisholm’s remote house was broken into many times in one week.

Unknown criminal snatched Sancho’s dog toys from his yard early in the morning.

Sancho was not pleased with the scenario. Unlike Chisholm, who found that someone else was to blame.

Having committed three heists in a row, Chisholm and Sancho had had enough and parted ways.

A group of children set out to find the missing toys.. There was a sprinkling of them in a neighboring field.

Coyote found Sancho’s toys and began playing with them night after night, it was revealed. He was shocked when he saw who was responsible.

Chisholm’s encounter with the fox was more likely to be caused by a coyote than any other animal. « His vivacity » was also a pleasant surprise.

Chisholm had snapped the photo of the coyote, who seemed to be in a good mood.

Despite Sancho’s annoyance at the prospect of sharing his toys with the coyote, there was no harm done to either of them.

For the rest of his life, he will be able to keep them secret, at least according to my understanding.

There haven’t been any coyotes in the region for a long time, according to Chisholm. Toys are taken out in the morning and « collected. »

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