Found their cat’s identical replica on the couch after letting her in

Almost since she was a kitten, the black cat Maia has been a member of the Nieves Morán household.

She’s been everyone’s favorite for a long time now, which means she can do just much whatever she wants.

It’s not unusual for Maia to go for a stroll in the garden from time to time.

When her owners arrived home from work one day, they saw the door was open and assumed the cat had stepped outside to freshen herself.

Papa Nieves had caught sight of Maia and had called out to her, so she came running over.

In the same manner as always, his favorite appeared and cuddled close to him.

The family was taken aback when they discovered a second Maia curled up on the couch in the living room.

Each of the cats had the same green-yellow eyes and a uniform appearance from head to tail.

That someone else’s pet had come to see them made the owners realize. The problem was that they couldn’t tell one cat from the other.

Upon entering the home, both animals seemed to be at ease and reacted to their owners’ voices.

There was an air of familiarity in their reactions to one another.

The Nieves family has never been in this position before.

One of the animals had a surprise visitor in store for them!

Jay was the name given to the new pet by its new owners.

Within months, Jay had become a vital member of the household.

Papa Nieves quickly became his best buddy, and he now spends most of his time cuddled up on his lap with him.

Aside from Maia’s calming influence on the cat, the two have an unbreakable bond of trust.

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