A Guy Is Astounded To Discover His Dog Received A Speeding Ticket

« My first thought was, ‘That cannot be true.' »

Recently, a driver in Germany got a speeding penalty in the mail after his car was caught exceeding the statutory speed limit by a traffic camera.

However, the picture obtained by the camera revealed that someone else was behind the wheel.

A little white dog seems to be driving the automobile, yet he is not known to be a car thief.

The puppy and automobile are really the property of a Twitter user’s uncle, who was as taken aback as anybody to learn his pet had been detained for allegedly speeding.

Had the dog, unknowing to his owner, taken the automobile on an unlawful joyride? Not exactly.

As it turns out, the uncle was the one driving the automobile that day, along with his dog. However, when they approached the traffic camera, the pup climbed up on his lap.

That was sufficient time to establish the pup as the primary suspect.

Though the uncle could very certainly have successfully appealed the ticket on the grounds of a lack of evidence linking him to the offense, he chose to pay the fine himself.

« He made restitution, » the nephew said. « However, I am unable to tell you what the authorities believed. »

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