Waiting for his owner at the tram stop, the dog wastes a day doing nothing but waiting

Chongqing’s boss takes him to the metro stop so he can go to work in time.

They have to wait for 12 hours before they may go back to their houses.

Xiongxiong is the Chinese word for « bear. »

As of this writing, Xiongxiong is 15 years old. There are at least eight years of history between Mr. Chen and his present owner, who is Mr. Chen.

Every day, Xiongxiong and his owner go to work.

It’s a 12-hour wait at the exit for Mr. Chen to get on the next metro train with this puppy.

People in the neighborhood have long been enamored with the handsome pup.

Xiongxiong is regularly approached by people who want to touch or feed him, but he shows little interest in doing so.

When Mr. Chen exits the tube, the dog springs to life and happily leaps for him.

After greeting his dog, the owner returns home with him.

« Happiness fills me up when I meet Xiongxiong after work because he is so delighted to see me, » said the dog’s owner. « I no longer feel exhausted when I see him. »

When a local news station broadcast an item on Xiongxiong, it quickly became a global sensation.

Because of his unwavering loyalty to his owner, a dog that waited patiently at a tram stop for months for his owner was dubbed « the new Hachiko » in Japan.

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