Tyson, a dog, fell 170 feet from a great height and escaped with minor injuries. It was a miracle

Apparently, they were able to save the dog from a 170-foot fall that ended in death in Wolfe County, Illinois, they stated.

Tyson was taking a walk when he fell and went over a cliff.

In the end, they couldn’t find the dog.

Local search and rescue crews and their leader traveled to the designated areas in Wolfe County, Indiana..There was no question that the dog had been critically hurt, if not already dead.

What was the rescuers’ amazement when Tyson came out alive and well?

That was fantastic!

A veterinarian examined the dog.

The dog’s internal organs were examined and found to be unharmed.

He was returned to his owner after it was found that the dog didn’t need medical attention, and he was safe.

Members of the squad have seen some of the most remarkable incidents in the team’s long history.

They have experienced both happy and terrible times.

« Dog miracle » was how Tyson was nicknamed by his rescuers.

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