Bridal party members swapped their flower garlands for pups in need of a new home during the wedding

These newlyweds were not only in love with one other, but with abandoned pups in need of a new home.

Because Meghan and Brett Butler share a house with two dogs and two cats, it seemed only natural that their wedding included pets.

Because of the large number of puppies still in need of loving homes, Megan decided to arrange a photo shoot with dogs instead of bouquets.

One beautiful dog was given to each bridesmaid by a nearby shelter.

« All you need is love and dogs, » reads the poster’s headline.

These photos were intended to put a stop to the tragic cycle of pups being abandoned as soon as they are born. Animal shelters are overflowing with abandoned canines in need of a new home, Meghan said.

All of the pups shown in these images were rescued from a local shelter.

However, the Butlers were not done.

The newlyweds donated a substantial sum to the shelter that supplied them with wedding canines since they had saved money on wedding favors for their guests.

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