A dog welcomes patients, staff, and visitors to the clinic

Upon entering and exiting the hospital, other staff are greeted and welcomed by an animal service dog.

Negative thinking, on the other hand, has been shown useful in the recovery of patients.

As a consequence, a research that proved dogs to be effective in reducing stress, anxiety, and loneliness led to widespread acceptance of their usage in clinics.

Doctor Shari Dunaway of the Wexner Medical Center recently posted a photo of the hospital’s service dog on her social media sites.

She wears a « Justice Volunteer » sign around her neck and is fully immunized, well-groomed, fit, healthy, and radiant.

And all this lovely Labrador has to do is welcome the workers at the medical facility when they arrive.

They are a terrific way to lift the morale of both physicians and patients.

Some consumers expressed dissatisfaction with the absence of fluffy and nice workers at their clinics.

Because of the critical role they play in the clinic’s animal care, managers and colleagues alike should treat these workers with dignity and decency.

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