It was only after the bird dropped the « puppy » in the yard that it was discovered to be a rare wild dingo

An Australian woman named Jane Guiney finds a red dog in her garden in August 2019.

As soon as he screamed for aid, he could be heard begging.

Small wounds like the claws of a huge bird were seen on the animal’s back. If you believe that the predator snatched the puppy out of the air, you’d be correct.

Jayne felt bad for the abandoned child and brought him home with her, where she fed and watered him before bringing him to the Alpine Animal Hospital to show the doctor.

They’re nearing extinction in this wild canine dingo sub-species.When Lyn’s Dingo Discovery Reserve and Research Center took Wandi in, it was a happy day.

Dingoes have long been deemed harmful due of their capacity to feed on agricultural animals.

There have been no purebred dingos discovered in Victoria for many years.

There has never been a survivor from Wandi’s species before him.

An animal reserve discovered a pair of sexes. And this year, Wandi had six pups of her own.

By virtue of Wandi’s tale being widely publicized on social media, she’s become somewhat of a celebrity.

If that wasn’t enough, they even went so far as to paint a whole dingo picture, giving it the title « Lord Wandi. »

Wandy and her adventures were the subject of an entire children’s book published last month.

As a result, it’s up to Wandi and the other four alpine dingoes that followed her to appropriately restore the « pure genetic material. »

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