In the middle of the storm, the beautiful owl mum keeps an eye on her egg

The mum is willing to go to any extent to rescue her kids in the future. The beautiful owl mum defends her young despite the cold.

The mother is prepared to go to any extent to protect her future children. Despite the fact that the egg was nearly completely snow – covered, the female bird opted to destroy it.

Regardless, she kept the eggs warm so the chicks could see the light. Bald eagles Bella and Smitty have returned to their massive nest on Mount Potomac to raise their young for the previous ten years.

This year, though, observers were more nervous than usual.

The winter was bitterly cold, the nest was blaketed in snow, and Bella was unable to escape. Male hawks eat fish and small animals, whilst female hawks sleep on eggs almost all of the time.

The owls are unable to leave the nest once the eggs have been placed. When the eagle became covered in snow, she extended her wings, scooped her feathers, and took flight.

She will, however, be unable to completely disengage from her parental duties. If their parents allow it, newborn chicks will stay in the nest for three months. They must next be taught how and where to fly.

Even baby eagles who have learned to fly will not be discarded by their mothers, and will be fed and taught how to hunt.

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