As soon as the orangutans at the zoo get to know a new mother and her baby, they have a tender moment together

Certainly, it was a very nice time. At the Kansas City Zoo, there are fences that keep people away from the animals and keep them safe.

However, on a recent trip, the boundary between the two — and the difference between them — broke down in front of everyone’s eyes.

This weekend, Amy, a worker at a zoo, went to the site’s orangutan area. But she wasn’t the only one there. It was a big day for Amy. She took her whole family, even her newborn baby, with her.

They were seen by orangutans Jill and Kalijon, both of whom are mothers. Amy and her baby were also seen by them.

And in the minutes that followed, the pair’s species differences dissolved as they united as mothers:

Others may have seen that day’s encounter between human and orangutan families as just intriguing. Amy, on the other hand, seems to agree that the relationship was much more emotional.

It was undoubtedly a very lovely minute, » she continued.

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