Man would never leave his friends alone,a true friend for all animals

Right now, Newza has in excess of 25 Afghan specialists and in excess of 200 saved creatures inside its offices situated in Kabul.

Consequently, the situation is a bit complicated, the former marine has created a campaign to try to raise funds.

The man tries to raise around 200,000 dollars, to take care of the expenses of a freight plane and have the option to arrive at the United Kingdom.

Nonetheless, he should do a few lawful strategies that permit Afghan workers to enter the nation, so he asks his political companions for cooperation.

Truly after the upsetting scenes that the news has displayed to the world with regards to the circumstance in Kabul, concern is developing.

Pit says what is happening is exceptionally miserable, as he feels that the Western legislatures let the Afghan public down and passed on them to battle for themselves.

Moreover, he communicates his discontent with the public authority of his country, as he feels that all that he once battled for was to no end..

Afghanistan is in total chaos, and now Pit must make difficult decisions for the future of some of her rescued animals.

Despite how complicated it may appear, Pit is determined to achieve his goal and find the best alternatives for his staff and saved creatures

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