Cats protecting each other from everything

A family living on a farm in Canada, tracked down a cardboard box with an mother feline and two other kittens inside. Sadly, one of the smaller kittens did not survive despite efforts to save him.

The family chosen to get them to the nearby local rescue center, hoping to find help for the two remaining felines, so that they could find a home that would take care of them.

The felines were named Black and White.

Around a similar time, the rescue center received a small feline named Scot who was eager to have a feline friend.The kitten had stayed with his brothers and Scot was the only kitten that managed to get ahead.

Thanks to the care of his foster mother, the cat figured out how to defeat a progression of medical conditions and was prepared to have another opportunity at life.

When everything was prepared for her to meet different little cats, they chose to acquaint her with Ron, who was as old as her.

Ron moved toward his new companion and took him under his assurance and care.

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