Unbelievable friendship between an elephant and a man

A little elephant required critical assistance. She found herself marooned in the wild and dangerous Africa. Unfortunately she was orphaned after being separated from her mother, so she needed to be rescued immediately.

She got help, and from that day on she became an important member of the elephant orphanage center.

In this place he met Bjorn, a man who runs the orphanage’s nursery and who serves as the ‘foster father’ of the orphaned elephants.

After several years of training, she was finally ready to strike out on her own and was released into the wild.

However, regardless of leaving the shelter, it appears to be that Sue generally conveyed individuals who helped her, particularly Bjorn, in her heart.

The elephant was always very grateful to her caregivers, and she showed it when she decided to get out of nature and greet her friend Bjorn.

But the most surprising thing is that she not only came out to say hello, but also brought her little baby to meet the man who raised her.

Also, this was not her last visit, as since that day, she has returned several times to greet her friends again.

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