A sad homeless cat saved by a dog and found a family

Mai was on her morning stroll with her small human in the park, when she smelled something off-putting. She began woofing and wouldn’t stop.

Mai as a rule barks when she needs a stick, so she gave her one, yet she just disregarded it and kept on gazing into the brambles and wouldn’t move, that is the point at which Luna thought she tracked down something.

She was an unwantedfeline in a pet carrier. She was so small and frightened, that they didn’t know what to do at first.

Mai wouldn’t move from the bushes so Luna went to research and was stunned at what she found.

A creature encased in a carrier with a note « My name is Annie. I am 5 years of age. If it’s not too much trouble, please take care of me. » The poor creature was left without water or food.

Fortunately Mai had observed Annie soon after she was deserted. It was really luck that Mai found Annie quickly as nobody could imagine what would happen with this small creature.

When she was set up for adoption, Annie found a new forever home.

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