Unique dogs with their unique story

Because of their mom getting a bacterial contamination during pregnancy, the twin young doggies, Carlos and Tou, were brought into the world with their one eye.

This classified as if it was difficult to sell the puppies, so their only destination seemed to be euthanasia.

Fortunately, Ann Nelson, a fellow woman, found out about the account of the two pups and needed to help them. So she chose to adopt the two doggies to save them.

For Ann it was a generally expected choice since she was unable to acknowledge the way that two little creatures lost their lives since they were unique.

Furthermore, they were two lovable young doggies and they weren’t sure for what reason to forfeit them, realizing that they had a promising future and a life to enjoy.

They had a surgery  when they were only 2 months old, the veterinarians sewed their harmed eyes, and presently they are like 2 typical canines.

The two little brothers now enjoy their lives, running in the rain, destroying stuffed animals and playing with their other 2 adoptive brothers.

The most important thing of all is that Carlos and Tou will have the life they so richly deserve for the rest of their days.

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