Rescued cats were united once again

A lady who loves too much rescuing creatures supports two small felines.She saw a small feline outside asking for support with fear on her face. Without spending much time the woman tried to get a feline to clinic.

When she got to the clinic she left the cat there as she had to return. When she got home a neighbor told her that maybe there would be another cat left outside. And yes that was true.

They found another small cat who was waiting for someone. He was waiting for his sister. They took the cat to  a vet too.After receiving good food, performing a veterinary check-up  they were very great.

One of them was Anico, had a lot of fluff, and was much slimmer than Defne, but he was like a big brother was taking care of hs sister.Anico was trying to understand things standard feline used to do, and Defne just followed in his footsteps.

Shortly Defne and Anico came up to other foster kitten,Willa, and they accepted her as their own sister and made a fantastic team .

After spending several weeks in the center a  family chosen to provide them the home they were searching for, and  yes they were lucky as they were allowed to stay all together.

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