How a Pit Bull found a shelter after she was left outside with her bed

Brucie, an adorable pit bull was waiting patiently for someone with a good heart to help and take her from the street.She was left, by her family, outside with her bed and nothing more.

Finally this small creature was found and taken to the center. Brucie was sweet with sad eyes.

When she finally received help from animal protection officers, the abandoned dog was devastated and only looked at her rescuers with sweet and sad eyes.

She at once took up the treats directly from the hands of the officers.

Now she felt safe and was very thankful.

Brucie suffered from some skin diseases, what made her to lose fur and her skin is irritated and red, in addition to receiving treatment for conjunctivitis, the rescue center staff is working for her physical and emotional recovery.

“Even in this situation, she is grateful. She has the cutest smile and surprisingly a touch of energy inside »,- mentioned one of the volunteers.Later Brucie found a loving home.

All volunteers loved her so much that they hopefully believe that she is happy in her family now and never will be left outside alone.

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