Faithful dogs from ambulance carrying owner to hospital

Last month a group of paramedics received information about a man who required help. At the point when they showed up at the scene, they observed the man lying on the ground, as he had obviously experienced a serious seizure.

When paramedics arrived they found a man with his two dogs alone. Both of them were taking care of their best friend and they had expectation of letting him alone, after all, they are a close family.

Rescuers loaded the man into the ambulance and to everyone’s surprise, the two dogs decided to follow their owner.

They made it clear that they would not abandon their friend, so the paramedics had to take them in the ambulance.Once they got to the hospital, the two dogs were left outside waiting for their friend’s resturn.

They were waiting for the rest of the day and all night, but the next day their hearts received the best painkiller.

After recovering from the incident and being monitored by doctors, the man was was able to return to his beloved dogs.The puppies were very excited to see their best friend again, for them every minute of waiting had finally been worth it.

These kinds of cases shows  what true love means and this case will be remembered always.

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