Dog was found In Backyard of a man and rescued

At some point, while a man was getting back home, he had the option to observe an neglected canine in the yard of a next to his home. At that time he was very worried because the poor animal was in poor condition and tied to a chain.

So, he decided to make several calls to observe somebody who could help him, and fortunately, his call was answered and Robert got on the case.

Volunteers from the rescue center, Rosy Parks would come to the scene to look into the case, but she had no idea what she would find.

When she arrived and saw the shy little dog tied up, her heart melted as she hid behind a garage because she was too scared.

It was evident that the dog was very happy to receive help from the rescuers, and they were excited to help him. They called him Chalk.

It is not known how many days the dog spent chained and abandoned, so he was nervous, but when he realized that he would be rescued, his behavior changed.

The dog calmed down a bit, relaxed and began to enjoy the company of his new best friend, he was really excited.

Although he has been through abusive situations in the past, Chalk seems to have forgotten everything and now just enjoys spending time with his new friends. They really care about him.

When Chalks saw his keeprs, he knew that his life would change completely, and now he only has to wait for a family that will love him forever.

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