A Dog who was waiting for his father every day

On his way to the office Andrew Nelson noticed a little dog apparently alone. At first he thought maybe the owner would return soon and he just walked away.

But as it was the shortest way to his office and he was walking by that street every morning, he saw the same dog again and again.

It was obvious that the dog had no family and he need a home and somebody who would take care of him.

Andrew loved animals too much and it was difficult for him to pass through street where the dog was and left him there. So he decided to take the dog home.

When he was returning from work he took the dog with him home.

It was clear from the dog eyes that he was happy that finally he had a family and were surrounded with love.

Every day he used to accompany his father and waiting with anxiety his return. No doubt, it was his joy to wait for his owner all day.

Andrew’s wife started to work from home and every day she was surprised seeing a dog with sparkling eyes waiting for her husband. She assured that her husband was the type of a man with a kind and caring heart that captivates whoever she meets.

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