The real reason of not being adopted till the right owner appeared

Before being rescued, this dog spent 10 years in the streets alone and sick, the only thing he wanted to find was some help.

At some point, the older canine chose to sleep on the porch of a lady’s house, yet chose to remain here in this place until he found the necessary help.

The lady noticed that the canine was sick and exceptionally frightened, so she decided to get closer to see what has happened.

Following a few days, the canine, named Choco by the lady, was as yet on the patio, so she chose to effectively help it.

The lady contacted the animal shelter, who agreed to take care of Choco and took him to their settle in San Francisco.

Unfortunately, Choco was adopted several times, but for some reason all those times he was returned to the settle, without much explanation.

Nobody could understand the reason why the sweet little canine couldn’t find an appropriate home, until Carolin Messi appeared to change his life.

When Carolin saw the dog she knew that they would be the best friends.Carolin noticed that dog was always sad, didn’t want to play and Carolin thought the reason was that dog lived on the street for so long.

Caroline decided to bring him back as the others did. But soon she made a discovery that changed Choco’s situation, since he was almost completely deaf and his teeth bothered him a lot.

Even the shelter volunteers hadn’t noticed this either, which somewhat explained the reasons for his strange attitude.

So, his new mom decided to take him to the vet to get his teeth fixed, and once they did, Choco totally changed.

The dog began to play and run around the house, and even began to meet new dogs to form nice friendships.

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