How a dog could see the situation precisely

Arlo is an adorable rescue dog who cherishes his family unlimitedly. He is so grateful for the love he has gotten since he met his new parents, that he is doing everything to keep them always safe, and he become a very protective boy since it turned out his mother was pregnant.

The lady says she generally thought Arlo realized something new was occurring around her, however she didn’t know her little canine knew precisely what it was, until the day she saw her mother’s belly move.

Just a few days before her due date, Arlo was resting her head on her mother’s womb when she suddenly felt her soon-to-be sister kick from the inside.

Once the dog understood what was going, his face said everything; surprised he had a thousand feelings reflected in his look..

Arlo was extremely happy to meet newborn sister. She was so small and cuite. They took a lot of videos of Arlo and  baby girl. It seems that they love each other too much.

And of course their parents believe that Arlo and baby girl will become the best friends in the future.

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