Brave dog who saved a life with hugs

This canine became popular on Facebook thanks to his brave response. The canine struggled to keep a climber warm and safe who was harmed in the snowy, icy mountains.

The man, named Gregor Abkhazi, slipped and fell 500 feet, truly harming one of his legs. According to People, brave dog kept the hiker safe and warm by lying on top of him to safeguard him with his body. That was fantastic scenery to watch.

Friends of Gregor were hiking with him. They saw what happened and shocked when saw the dog saving Gregory. Fortunately, Mountain Rescue Service was in charge of with them and they were all saved.

Once they got back they shared the story about the incident and its cheerful completion on their Facebook account.

Luckily, the rescue team was able to transport the man and Lucky safely to the medical clinic. Gregor broke his lower leg and harmed his ankle from the fall, but thanks to Lucky he was protected.

Presently Lucky and his dad are securely all together and thank the rescue administration for the assistance they got during this difficult time.

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