Adorable dog as a best friend

It is reality that in a short period dogs can be a best friends for our kids. Their connection is much stronger than we can imagine. They are turning to be best friends at first then brothers or sisters.

This fantastic story is about a girl and adorable Bulldog. Girl whose name is Annie is fond of her dog since she was very small.

Dog has always been a family pet but once he met Annie they became inseparable. Even now when the girl is 6 years old everything still remains the same. Nothing can change or break their friendship.

Lily protects Annie through all stages of her life, making it clear that she will always be her soul mate.

When the girl was old enough, the family thought their friendship will not be the same, but the opposite has happened, presently she goes Lily out for walks. They are always together doing everything together, no matter the time or place. They are always taking care of each other.

Now they have a new family member and they enjoy every moment spending all together.

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