A dog who does not stop hugging

This sweet 4-year-old brilliant retriever mix has only one mind on his mind to embrace everybody he meets and win their love.

Tragically, Chipo had always been unable to encounter the solaces of home, as his past proprietors kept him in their lawn.

The most exceedingly terrible thing is that they later chose to take him to a Walmart parking area and leave him there, without really tending to think about what his destiny would be.

There, the sweet little canine ran over two other abandoned canines, began following them.The canines turned into their new family, however at some point, the city’s creature control caught them.

Staff decided to contact Chipo’s owners, yet they refused get him, so they put him on willful extermination list.

The days have passed and one day finally the volunteers of the center were able to find for Chipo and his friends a forever home. The volunteers were happy on this occasion and prepared everything in a short period of time so that the family could take dogs without facing any problem.

Best of all, his dream soon came true, and a loving family decided to give him the opportunity he was waiting for a long time.

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