A cat who got second chance at life

Lea was returning on her bike when she suddenly saw a kitten alone, near a principle avenue which was too much occupied, so the woman realized she had to do something to help him.

The lady got off her bicycle and moved toward the cat to take it under her care, while the little one just watched her.

The cat likewise moved toward Lea, it seemed like he was ready to get the assistance. Afterward, Lea put the little boy in his backpack so that he could be moved very carefully, at that time he little cat was simply.

The woman took the cat to the vet and was told that her weight was very low and that she was only half the size she should be. They saw that the cat really wanted to live, so they knew that with good care he would.

When he arrived at his new home, Gizmo felt at home and rested on his warm.

Cat slowly began to improve and show that he was a very energetic kitty. Over the next few weeks, Gizmo progressed satisfactorily, not only fully regaining his health and weight, but also proving to be highly intelligent.

Lea added: »He welcomes me every day when I wake up, and each evening when return home from work. »

Thanks to Lea’s good heart, Gizmo got a second chance at life, and now he just enjoys his comfortable VIP life.

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